New Day Originals Tassel For Sure Blouse

Sale price$ 118.00

Effortlessly chic three-quarter sleeves, the frill collar, pink tasselled ties at the neck and sleeve and the most delicate pearl buttons with a fabric loop closure.

NOTE: This item is created using traditional block printing methods and is hand-made by artisans. The 'print' therefore is not always in the same position as shown in these images and can contain minor unique variations. 

  • 100% block printed sustainable cotton
  • Mid-hip length (60 cm)
  • Three-quarter-length sleeves
  • Pink tasselled ties at the sleeve closure (drawstring style)
  • Cold wash this one to prolong the intensity of the block printed colours.
  • Fit’s true to size but you could size up if you want it more relaxed or you are full-busted
Color: Exotic Flower
Size: Extra Extra Small