MeloMelo Yura Woven Gold Silver Watch Chain Bracelet

Sale price$ 45.00

  • Classic chunky gold and silver Panther Watch Chain Bracelet.
  • Perfect simple modern jewelry.
  • Thick chunky design goes well with retro vintage style to model simple minimal outfits.
  • Stainless Steel - Made to last - Non-Fading
  • 18K Gold Plating (2.5 Microns paved), Raw Steel (Silver)
  • Bracelet Length: 16.5cm or 18cm
  • Bracelet Width: 13mm

  • Stainless steel jewelry is made to last - you can shower, swim, engage in sports or wash your hands with soap. No tarnishing or fading of the plating guaranteed.
Size: 18 cm
Color: Gold