Marine Layer Corbet Quilted Jogger

Sale price$ 98.00

There is no sweeter abdominal delight than an absence of buttons and zippers, and we're taking it one notch further on the comfort level.

Enter this Corbet jogger. Two layers of absurdly soft fabric, filled and quilted into perfection. Pair with our Reversible Corbet Pullover for peak duvet-like coziness.

We're constantly tweaking our bestselling fabric to make it the best it can — this year's Corbet fabric is perfectly midweight (so you can wear it for more seasons.)

Featuring superfine top-dyed melange yarn, which spun into our quilted fabric then knit together. Next, we fill the middle to make it extra warm (and not bulky)

77% Polyester, 23% Rayon

Signature Corbet Quilted Fabric

Standard fit

Drawstring waist

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Size: Extra Small
Color: Oatmeal