Caddis 12 Bar Progressive Glasses

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With glass for days and bold lines that make a statement, these frames aren’t wallflowers.

Great for reading, writing but not welding.

Our 12 Bar frames are made of 100% acetate and cut with exact precision with a musical note on the tip of the arm.

Their desired effect is to be a head turner for anyone who gets in their line of sight.

CADDIS progressives are for people who need to see stuff up close and far away. It's that simple. Our lenses progress from no magnification at the top, to your chosen magnification at the bottom. All in one lens. No more switching glasses stacked on your head.

CADDIS Progressives are true progressive lenses (not blended bi-focals). As with any progressive lens, you may need up to a week for your eye to adjust to them. Be patient friends, the results are worth it.

Size: 1.00
Color: Heritage Green

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