Cacatoès Trancoso Sparkly Camel Sandals

Sale price$ 48.00

Cacatoès Trancoso Sprayed Sparkles Slip-on Sandals is Brazilian from start to finish in its celebration of outdoorsy energy and tropical colors.

Made from 100% recyclable materials, these waterproof, heat-resistant, non-slip, lightweight, and super-comfortable sandals exude a vacation vibe whether you are chilling at a beachside resort or hopping over to the grocery store. And to round off the cool looks and incredible comfort, Cacatoès footwear comes to you with a permanent candy scent (or coffee scent for men) for an extra kick in your step. 

 100% made of Recyclable PVC - Heat Resistant - Waterproof - Non-slip - Lightweight - Spot Clean or Machine Wash - The sizing runs small

Color: Camel Multico
Size: US 6/Euro 37